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Bad Weather at Disney World?

If you plan on heading to Disney World during the summer months then packing for rain is an absolute must. July and August are the rainy months in Florida, so you can pretty much count on some wet weather during the afternoons. But before you go rearranging your vacation, consider these plusses: in spite of the rain, Florida temperatures will remain warm – in fact, you may find the afternoon rain refreshing! Also, you’ll notice that as soon as it begins to rain that people will start leaving the park in droves – leaving you to take advantage of the considerably shorter ride lines. It’s all about preparation.

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Is having a very nice rental home enough to guarantee a high occupancy rate?

Summary: It is sometimes difficult to get your vacation rental home noticed when there are other vacation rental homes in your market.

Anthony asked if having a “very nice” rental home is enough to guarantee a high occupancy rate.

The vacation rental market is first driven by supply and demand. If 100 guests visit your area in a weekend , but there are 300 rental homes, and half of them are “very nice,” it doesn’t matter how nice they are because 200 homes will still be vacant, even the “very nice” ones.

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How to get into the Vacation Rental Home Business

Summary: A record number of second homes were sold last year. Many home owners have high hopes of covering their second home costs in the short term vacation rental market, but it can be difficult to find renters.

We own three 4 bedroom vacation rental homes 2 miles southeast of Walt Disney World.

I’m occasionally asked by guests and prospective guests about how they can get in the STR Vacation Rental home business. My advice to them? In most cities the numbers don’t work anymore. You’ll lose money.

Here is the problem: The weekly rental rates have not risen to match the increases in home prices. We still charge $900 to $1000 per week, which is the same rate we charged 7 years ago.

The rental rate is established by “What the market will bear.” Your prospective renters will compare your home on the Internet with other homes they believe to be similar. If they’re charging $1000, you have to charge $1000 to be competitive.

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What should I pack when I visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida?

Summary: Some things cost a fortune at Walt Disney World so you may want to pack them before you go on vacation.

As with any vacation, you want your trip to Disney World and your time spent there to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, preparation is key. Certain items are helpful to have, but others are simply indispensable. Many of these items you can probably pick up once you’re at the theme parks, you’ll probably pay top dollar – money which could be better spent on non-Disney theme parks, an extra dinner out, or on some of the fabulous outlet shopping available. With this in mind, below is a handy checklist of items that are either incredibly handy, too expensive to purchase at the parks, or flat out necessities.

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What are the differences in Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Over nine million people annually choose to holiday on a cruise. This explosive growth has fueled a wide range of options in the cruise line industry allowing an individual or family to find a cruise to fit just any desire. Among other things cruises may vary by the activities and entertainment offered onboard, the food served, the length of the cruise, the itinerary, whether they are geared for singles or families and, of course, the price for the voyage. [Read more…]

What are the best times of the year to visit the Walt Disney World Theme parks?

How long you’ll wait in line for theme park rides depends on the number of visitors, events, park hours and the weather. Experienced park visitors will tell you that a visit to an uncrowded park is a wonderful experience that they would like to repeat over and over again. You’ll hear somewhat less enthusiastic reviews from guests who visit the parks on crowded days. Any visit to a theme park can be fun for your family, but they’ll likely have even more fun if they’re not subjected to crowds and long lines.


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Where can I find cheap plane tickets and airline travel deals?


You may not know that Travelocity and Expedia search only their own limited databases for fares and travel and the Travelocity / Expedia proprietary database lacks the cheap airfares offered by many smaller and regional carriers. and are two independent sites which perform a real-time parse of various airline and travel web sites to provide more varied results from a greater number of airlines.

I’ve found especially useful for finding low fares on smaller regional airlines like ATA, Airtran, Midwest, Spirit, and other airlines that aren’t included in the database used by Travelocity/Expedia cartel.

Recently, I’ve seen some of the cheapest Airfares to Ft. Myers offered from the regional carrier

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