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How do you recommend that I furnish and decorate my Vacation Rental Home?


How you furnish and decorate your home depends somewhat on what guests expect in your vacation rental market. For example, if you’re renting a bed and breakfast, then guests are somewhat expecting the furniture and decorations they would expect to find in a bed and breakfast in your market. I’m somewhat pragmatic about my rental homes, I’m always asking myself, “how can I resolve this problem so I don’t have to bother with this problem ever again? How can I get this done to reduce conflict with my guests, my cleaners, or my maintenance folks?” The result after several years in this business and currently owning 3 rental homes…. [Read more…]

Should I buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom vacation rental property?


If you have a 2 or 3 bedroom rental property, you can always lower your rate to snag a last-minute, 1 bedroom renter, if you want to.

However, the converse isn’t true…

You can’t take a 1 bedroom property, raise your rate, and rent it as a 2 or 3 bedroom property.

So, if your cost is nearly the same to maintain a 1 bed property as a 3 bed property, why would you want to own only a 1 bed and limit yourself to a subset of potential guests?

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What are the ten most popular tourist destinations in the United States?

The list really depends on the kind of vacation experience for which you are searching. The wonderful thing about the good old USA is that it contains a multitude of travel spots to match anyone’s desire or pocketbook. [Read more…]

What are the best days of the week to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando Florida?

Summary: Certain days of the week are better than others to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.  This article tells you which days of the week are best.

Local Florida residents generally visit the Magic Kingdom on weekends and most out-of-state tourists visit early in the week. As a result, the best day of the week for you to visit the Magic Kingdom is Thursday. If you can, avoid the Magic Kingdom on Mondays, Saturdays & Sundays, which are typically the busiest days of the week.

“Extra Magic Hour” is Disney’s name for the weekday mornings on which guests at the Disney Resorts are allowed to enter certain parks an hour earlier than non-resort guests. You’ll want to avoid parks on these “Early Admission” mornings since no matter how early arrive, you’ll discover that the Disney Resort guests are already lined up for the top attractions. On early admission days, these parks generally remain busy for most of the day since most guests don’t leave one park mid-day to go to another park.
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Where can I buy a Walt Disney World Annual Pass? What does an Annual Pass cost?

Summary: Walt Disney World Annual Passes may be a great deal for you and your family

If Disney seems to have become a popular vacation destination for you and your family, you might want to check out the various seasonal and annual passes available. Depending on what your family enjoys most about the parks, how many times a year you go, and how long your average stay is annual passes might save you money – especially if you’re a Florida resident. [Read more…]