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Should I install Solar Heating for my Pool at my Vacation Rental Home?


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What are the average number of weeks rented for Florida Vacation Rental Homes?

Jim Asked,

How do you find current occupancy and rental statistics for Florida Vacation Rental Homes.
Thanks for any insight you can provide….


The current statistics for Central Florida reveal that the average central Florida homeowner rents only about 21 weeks per year.
You’ll find those statistics in the report published here
The statistics aren’t free.  You’ll have to pay about $30 for the annual report.
The “21 week” statistic is for Central Florida.  In the Disney area, our peak seasons are “whenever kids are out of school,” but for most other parts of Florida the peak season is December through March, when when snowbirds escape to Florida to avoid the cold northern winters.
Several years ago, when I was researching places to buy,  Central Florida had the greatest number of tourists and the highest occupancy rates compared to vacation rental homes in other Florida cities.    If this still holds true, it would indicate that vacation rentals outside of central Florida are currently averaging less than 21 weeks of rentals per year.
Yes, I realize this is an average.  We book just over 30 weeks per year, per home, but this number has been declining every year for the past five years because of increased competition and because of more vacant days between bookings.   We’ve had an increasing number of guests staying for only 4 to 6 days instead of seven full days.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results and your mileage may vary.
Chuck Eglinton