Are your Orlando Vacation Rental Homes available for parties?

“House parties are strictly prohibited, and are grounds for immediate eviction, and forfeiture of all deposits received. The Sheriffs department will be called to evict Tenants who exceed occupancy limits and violate noise ordinances.”

A few times each year we get calls from locals who want to rent our homes for a weekend.  We generally outright decline rentals from locals, or we enforce our 5 night minimum, which, of course, discourages partygoers from renting.  You may have noticed that our lease says, “5 adults maximum and 10 people maximum”  this is mostly to discourage parties and to limit the number of families in our homes.  In our Orlando Market, our target guests are families with young children.   They tend to be much gentler on our homes than the groups of eight or ten adults.

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