Bad Weather at Disney World?

If you plan on heading to Disney World during the summer months then packing for rain is an absolute must. July and August are the rainy months in Florida, so you can pretty much count on some wet weather during the afternoons. But before you go rearranging your vacation, consider these plusses: in spite of the rain, Florida temperatures will remain warm – in fact, you may find the afternoon rain refreshing! Also, you’ll notice that as soon as it begins to rain that people will start leaving the park in droves – leaving you to take advantage of the considerably shorter ride lines. It’s all about preparation.

When you hit the park in the morning, no matter how nice the weather, pack for rain. Pack a couple of backpacks. Each person in your party should have an extra pair of socks and either an extra pair of walking shoes or water shoes. And don’t forget your first aid kit! Wet shoes and socks are a recipe for blisters. And while plastic rain ponchos are available at the park, you can pick them up in a variety of sizes on eBay for about $1 apiece, including shipping. Pack a bunch and dispose of them as necessary.

Another way to go is to assess the weather as necessary and simply avoid it. When you look around and the sky is starting to gray over, that’s the ideal time to hit any number of the indoor attractions available to you (Cirque de Soleil is especially enchanting). If you’ve done it and seen it, maybe it’s a great time for you to hit the fabulous shopping Kissimmee and the surrounding area has to offer. Treat yourself to a spa visit and a delicious dinner at any number of Disney’s amazing restaurants.

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