Plug and Play Internet Makes the Guests Stay

According to AS, “Plug and play” should work for guests who need Internet connection and stay working once connected. Usually, all you have to do to fix your Internet connection problem is to restart the modem. You should worry more about the computers.

I agree.

Plug and play.

My only advice: Leave the router exposed so that the guest can unplug it to reset it, if needed. Or, so the guest can press the router “reset” button, in the case of an emergency. Sometimes, if the Internet connection goes down, you’ll just need a simple “power down, wait two minutes, power back up” to get it restarted. You can’t easily have the guests take care of it themselves if your router and modem are locked away in a cupboard.

Cedar Point: One of America’s Top Roller Coaster Parks

Cedar point has no sit down “theme” type attractions, but if you are fond of theme parks, you’ll find that it’s one of the top roller coaster parks in America.

In the past several years, several popular indoor water park hotels have been built very near Cedar Point. Recently we’ve stayed at the Great Bear Lodge and Castaway Bay, which have large indoor waterparks.

Check out these hotels near Cedar Point.

Why are inexpensive Motel 6 Motels so popular?

Many of us are probably familiar with the folksy twang of the Motel 6 spokesman and his commercial sign-off, “I’m Tom Bodett and we’ll leave the light on for ya.” For more than thirteen years commercials featuring Mr. Bodett’s gentle humor have invited people on the road to visit Motel 6 the acknowledged leader in the low cost motel field. However, other than a memorable tagline, what are the features that make Motel 6 such a popular place for the weary traveler to lay his/her head? [Read more…]