Our family is considering our vacation to coincide with the fourth of July festivities. What can we expect in terms of pricing and lines?

I never plan my Disney vacation for July fourth for just the reasons you’re concerned with: prices and crowds. The feedback that I have received from renters and other rental property owners is discouraging. My own experience mirrors that. My family was vacationing with relatives who had only that date available for a Florida vacation. I’ve visited the parks dozens of times, and I’ll never visit on a summer holiday again.  It was one of the worst experiences related to heat and crowds I’ve ever had.
If you must travel during the summer, avoid the holidays at all costs. The July heat in Florida can be truly stifling making long lines even more frustrating than normal. Kids can be impatient even under the best conditions and the heat will only intensify that impatience. It can also try yours, as well.

Prices at theme parks and restaurants are fairly static during the summer, but because of the heavy air travel during those months air fares are high and generally don’t budge.

If summer is the only time you and your family can travel, try and keep your dates as flexible as possible. If at all possible, Talk to your kids teachers and consider taking your kids out of school for your trip (this works especially well with the younger, elementary school-aged kids, who don’t get as much homework and are less likely to miss out on something really important).

Are your Orlando Vacation Rental Homes available for parties?

“House parties are strictly prohibited, and are grounds for immediate eviction, and forfeiture of all deposits received. The Sheriffs department will be called to evict Tenants who exceed occupancy limits and violate noise ordinances.”

A few times each year we get calls from locals who want to rent our homes for a weekend.  We generally outright decline rentals from locals, or we enforce our 5 night minimum, which, of course, discourages partygoers from renting.  You may have noticed that our lease says, “5 adults maximum and 10 people maximum”  this is mostly to discourage parties and to limit the number of families in our homes.  In our Orlando Market, our target guests are families with young children.   They tend to be much gentler on our homes than the groups of eight or ten adults.

Which Car Rental Companies are actually at the Orlando Airport MCO (not off airport)

Sometimes you may prefer to rent your car directly from a car rental company that is on Orlando Airport property because off-airport car rentals can be a hassle having to wait for shuttles to the car rental and from the car rental when you return.

You probably know that you will get a cheaper car rental if you do *not * rent from the on-airport car rental agencies and rent from the off-airport car rentals that have free shuttles.

Below is a list of car rental agencies that rent cars from the parking lot directly at the Orlando International Airport, MCO. Click the links below to visit each of their websites for a car rental quote.
Alamo 1-800-327-9633
Avis 1-800-831-2847
Budget 1-800-527-0700
Dollar 1-800-800-4000
L and M Car Rental 1-800-277-5171
National 1-800-227-7368

What size beds do you have? How many TV’s in each house?

Here is a listing of bedding for each home:

38″ TV Living room, 24″ TV loft
Master #1, Queen Bed, TV, full attached bath
Master #2, Queen Bed, TV, full attached bath
Bedroom #3, Two Twin Beds (no TV)
Bedroom #4, Two Twin Beds (no TV)
Loft: Sofa pulls out to queen bed

38″ TV Living room, 24″ TV loft
Master #1, King Size Bed, TV, full attached bath
Master #2, King Size Bed, TV, full attached bath
Bedroom #3, One Queen Bed (no TV)
Bedroom #4, Two Twin Beds (no TV)
Loft: Sofa pulls out to queen bed

50″ TV in living room
Master #1, Queen Bed, TV
Upstairs #2, large bedroom, Queen Bed, TV
Bedroom #3, Full Bed, Twin Bed (no TV)
Bedroom #4, Two Twin Beds (no TV)

Is staying in a rental home a better value than staying in a hotel?

A typical hotel room in central Florida can cost between $39 to $150 per night. Hotel rooms at Walt Disney world can cost $300 per night or more. For $39 to $300 per night you get only a room with a pair of queen beds, and a living space that is about 20 feet by 20 feet.

Also, keep in mind that some hotels charge a low fee for one person per room, but charge $10-$20 for each additional person in each room.

If there are more than 4 people in your group, you’ll have to rent two rooms, doubling your cost to stay in a hotel, and you’ll still only have four beds, and two 400 square foot rooms.

You can rent a house for as little as $99 in non-peak season. You’ll get three or four bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a private pool. You’ll generally have six times as much space to spread out and a home can generally accommodate eight to twelve guests, depending on the size of the home.

Houses give you more room to spread out and can save you money by allowing you to avoid eating at expensive restaurants. Once you’ve tried staying at a rental home instead of a hotel you’ll never want to stay in a hotel, again.

What type of pool heat do you have at your rental homes in Orlando Florida?

Our pools are generally heated from September, through Winter, until early June.

The electric pool heating system is an electric heat “pump” that extracts heat from the daytime air to warm the pool water.

The typical hotel heated pool temperature is 80 degrees. Winter guests can maintain 80-degree or warmer water temperature (or warmer) if the pool covered with the solar cover when not in use (especially during the day).

Of course, the pool does NOT need to be covered or heated in the summer months!

Do you allow pets in your vacation rental home near Walt Disney World?

We have multiple homes, but we only allow certain pets and in certain homes. Some of our homes have completely fenced yards and some have tiled floors which are more suitable for cleaning up after small pets. Please contact us by e-mail at chuck@mickeytown.com to see if we have a pet-friendly home available for your stay.

Are your Orlando vacation rental home pools heated?

Yes! All our Orlando vacation rental home pools are heated!

Are there any golf courses near your Orlando Vacation Rental Home?

Yes! There are more than 80 public golf courses within 20 minutes of our Orlando Vacation Rental homes!

Click this link to see a map of more 80 Orlando area golf courses that are nearby



(MAP) 10 minutes from Walt Disney World

The Mickeytown.com luxury vacation rental homes are only two miles, (about ten minutes) from Walt Disney World. Our Orlando Vacation Rental homes are at the Red Star on the map below.

Mickeytown.com Orlando Vacation Homes allow you to AVOID the congested I-4 Highway. We’ll show you how to quickly get to Disney World the “back way”

Mickeytown.com Orlando Vacation Homes are approximately 3 miles from the fast “backdoor” to Disney property, several minutes to MGM, Epcot & Magic Kingdom, 15 minutes to Universal & Sea World.