Google Maps for that Ultimate Street View Experience

DC noticed one amazing Google Maps feature – Street View. It’s simply awesome for letting you travel anywhere you want.

Actually, Google maps works better than you know. Here’s the awful truth.
Google’s street view isn’t really new. It’s been around since May 2007, but they’ve been adding new cities.

Last Autumn, before my family vacationed in San Francisco, we used Google’s Street view to take a virtual walk from the Hotel we chose to Fisherman’s Wharf. We were able to “walk down the streets” in Google maps, look around at all the buildings, until we arrived at our destination. A few weeks later, when we were physically in San Francisco, the experience of *really* walking down the streets was eerily familiar compared to our “virtual walk” in Google Maps, weeks earlier.

Here’s a real-world example. Click the arrows on the street to walk down the street.

Here’s when you can see in which US Cities Google provides a photographic street view.

Mobile Working: How to Get Connected and Save Money

Question from DM:

You are planning to travel the US and you need to keep the communication lines open online with a help of an AOL connected laptop. You already have AOL Broadband on your PC. Can AOL Broadband be transferred to the laptop while you’re traveling?

You no longer need to pay AOL monthly fees to keep up your AOL e-mail address. Here are the details.

Transfer your AOL e-mail address to a FREE AOL account that requires NO AOL software.

Then use your laptop with Internet Explorer and Firefox to see the Internet without AOL slowing you down.

And save hundreds of dollars per year that you’re paying to AOL that isn’t really necessary anymore. AOL’s catastrophic member subscription decline is a true indication that AOL was once a valuable product that has now been replaced by a better, free, non-AOL Internet.

Why are inexpensive Motel 6 Motels so popular?

Many of us are probably familiar with the folksy twang of the Motel 6 spokesman and his commercial sign-off, “I’m Tom Bodett and we’ll leave the light on for ya.” For more than thirteen years commercials featuring Mr. Bodett’s gentle humor have invited people on the road to visit Motel 6 the acknowledged leader in the low cost motel field. However, other than a memorable tagline, what are the features that make Motel 6 such a popular place for the weary traveler to lay his/her head? [Read more…]

How Can I Find Car Rental Deals on the Internet?

As with most other areas of travel, the Internet has made renting a car much simpler and more convenient. Convenience is not the only advantage in renting a car online, the cost savings may also be considerable; however, finding the best car rental deal may take just a little time and effort. [Read more…]

How safe are Carnival Cruises? How safe are Princess Cruises?

Although recent events may have caused many to have second thoughts about taking a cruise ship vacation, cruises have been and continue to be among the safest of ways to holiday. According to the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) FBI statistics show cruises to be safer than almost any city in the United States. While accidents and crimes do occur their number is relatively small when compared to the more than 90 million passengers who have taken cruises over the last decade. [Read more…]

What are the ten most popular tourist attractions in London?

History, shopping, theatre – they’re all available in London. A visitor could stay the year round and always find something interesting to do but there are ten fundamental attractions that almost all first time tourists to London enjoy. [Read more…]

How can I find cheap airline tickets on the Internet?

Shop for airline tickets like you shop for a car — know the value of what you’re buying so that you’ll know a bargain when you find one…and won’t get stuck with a lemon.

If you’ve seen The Roaming Gnome, you know that Travelocity is one of the big players in discount air travel, along with Expedia and Orbitz. Priceline is also a competitor, but we suggest you focus on the offerings of the “Big Three” to get your best deal.

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Our family is considering our vacation to coincide with the fourth of July festivities. What can we expect in terms of pricing and lines?

I never plan my Disney vacation for July fourth for just the reasons you’re concerned with: prices and crowds. The feedback that I have received from renters and other rental property owners is discouraging. My own experience mirrors that. My family was vacationing with relatives who had only that date available for a Florida vacation. I’ve visited the parks dozens of times, and I’ll never visit on a summer holiday again.  It was one of the worst experiences related to heat and crowds I’ve ever had.
If you must travel during the summer, avoid the holidays at all costs. The July heat in Florida can be truly stifling making long lines even more frustrating than normal. Kids can be impatient even under the best conditions and the heat will only intensify that impatience. It can also try yours, as well.

Prices at theme parks and restaurants are fairly static during the summer, but because of the heavy air travel during those months air fares are high and generally don’t budge.

If summer is the only time you and your family can travel, try and keep your dates as flexible as possible. If at all possible, Talk to your kids teachers and consider taking your kids out of school for your trip (this works especially well with the younger, elementary school-aged kids, who don’t get as much homework and are less likely to miss out on something really important).

How to pack for a Cruise

When packing for a cruise, think light. Some cruises limit the number of bags you can take on board and if they don’t, you may wish they had when you start unpacking in a state room. There are a few essentials though and don’t trust yourself to remember them; make a list of what you need, check the items off as you pack them and check them off again when you pack to come home.

Important things first: [Read more…]

How can I save money when I rent a car?

You’ve had this happen to you, I bet: you book your airline reservation and before you hang up, the airline employee asks politely, “May I connect you to a car rental company?”

Don’t do it!

Even if you intend to rent a vehicle from either agency, Just Say No” to your airline “helper” and dial the rental company’s toll-free number directly. (Come on, you can do it!)

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