Google Maps for that Ultimate Street View Experience

DC noticed one amazing Google Maps feature – Street View. It’s simply awesome for letting you travel anywhere you want.

Actually, Google maps works better than you know. Here’s the awful truth.
Google’s street view isn’t really new. It’s been around since May 2007, but they’ve been adding new cities.

Last Autumn, before my family vacationed in San Francisco, we used Google’s Street view to take a virtual walk from the Hotel we chose to Fisherman’s Wharf. We were able to “walk down the streets” in Google maps, look around at all the buildings, until we arrived at our destination. A few weeks later, when we were physically in San Francisco, the experience of *really* walking down the streets was eerily familiar compared to our “virtual walk” in Google Maps, weeks earlier.

Here’s a real-world example. Click the arrows on the street to walk down the street.

Here’s when you can see in which US Cities Google provides a photographic street view.

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