How can I get the cheapest flights for our trip?

There are a few ways to get some truly great deals on flights to Orlando. In fact, I recently flew from Detroit to Orlando – round trip – for $16! But in order to take advantage of these great deals, there are a few things you’ll need to know:

One, it’s all about the timing. Airlines know when people are most likely to travel, and they set their fares accordingly. That means that if you’re limited to traveling only during school vacations your chances of getting any kind of super-cheap fare are extremely unlikely. If your family vacation hinges on cheap flights (and cheap rentals), you may want to consider talking to your kids’ teachers and taking the kids out of school for the week. That way you can get a better deal on your flights, vacation rental, and the lines will be shorter pretty much everywhere you go.
Second, as much as possible, keep your dates flexible. To get the best airfares, you need to sign up for the “special deal” notification lists from the airlines, and you have to be ready to pick up and go at the airline’s whim.
Lastly, if your life doesn’t allow you to keep your travel dates flexible, consider signing up for a fare alert service like Travelocity’s Farewatcher alert. I use this service a lot, but I also rarely book my flights more than two weeks ahead of time. It gives you a bit more leeway time to pack and go, but can still be somewhat restrictive.

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