How much does Walt Disney World Cost?

Disney World is a great family vacation destination, but unlike renting a hotel room at the beach or simply going sightseeing in a city you’ve never been to before, you’re unlikely to encounter the major surcharge of a Disney vacation anywhere else: tickets.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney World is an awesome place for families as well as couples, but in order to really enjoy your time at Disney you need to work ticket prices into your vacation costs. And this is not the place to be cutting corners! The smartest thing to do is figure out ahead of time what attractions you and your party are interested in and buy your tix ahead of time, ensuring the best possible price.

Start by checking the official Disney website, Disney Online at, to get the current ticket prices. Then begin searching for discounts with travel agents and websites such a Expedia or Priceline. You can also cushion the ticket blow by saving money on travel and hotels. Flights to Orlando can be remarkably cheap – especially during the off season, and if you don’t mind eating in, you can save a little cash by having a picnic in your hotel room a couple of nights. It’s all a matter of priorities.

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