Mobile Working: How to Get Connected and Save Money

Question from DM:

You are planning to travel the US and you need to keep the communication lines open online with a help of an AOL connected laptop. You already have AOL Broadband on your PC. Can AOL Broadband be transferred to the laptop while you’re traveling?

You no longer need to pay AOL monthly fees to keep up your AOL e-mail address. Here are the details.

Transfer your AOL e-mail address to a FREE AOL account that requires NO AOL software.

Then use your laptop with Internet Explorer and Firefox to see the Internet without AOL slowing you down.

And save hundreds of dollars per year that you’re paying to AOL that isn’t really necessary anymore. AOL’s catastrophic member subscription decline is a true indication that AOL was once a valuable product that has now been replaced by a better, free, non-AOL Internet.

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