Our family is considering our vacation to coincide with the fourth of July festivities. What can we expect in terms of pricing and lines?

I never plan my Disney vacation for July fourth for just the reasons you’re concerned with: prices and crowds. The feedback that I have received from renters and other rental property owners is discouraging. My own experience mirrors that. My family was vacationing with relatives who had only that date available for a Florida vacation. I’ve visited the parks dozens of times, and I’ll never visit on a summer holiday again.  It was one of the worst experiences related to heat and crowds I’ve ever had.
If you must travel during the summer, avoid the holidays at all costs. The July heat in Florida can be truly stifling making long lines even more frustrating than normal. Kids can be impatient even under the best conditions and the heat will only intensify that impatience. It can also try yours, as well.

Prices at theme parks and restaurants are fairly static during the summer, but because of the heavy air travel during those months air fares are high and generally don’t budge.

If summer is the only time you and your family can travel, try and keep your dates as flexible as possible. If at all possible, Talk to your kids teachers and consider taking your kids out of school for your trip (this works especially well with the younger, elementary school-aged kids, who don’t get as much homework and are less likely to miss out on something really important).

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