Should I install Solar Heating for my Pool at my Vacation Rental Home?


We didn’t install solar because for the following reasons:

1) Depending on the weather, Solar isn’t 100% reliable.

2) Because Solar isn’t 100% reliable, an electric heater is still needed for “cloudy days”

3) The Solar heater has an effective life of several years, and the backup electric heater has an effective life that is also several years.

4) At the end of several years, when it is time to replace or repair both the solar heater and the electric heater, the energy savings realized for having installed and operated the solar heater didn’t make up for the added expense.

Put another way, it would have been less expensive to have only an electric heater and pay for more electricity use, than it would be to pay for fitting a solar heater as a primary heating method.

Our primary concern was that the Solar heating was not 100% dependable for all days.

It would be different if it was our residence. In that case, we could simply live without pool heat for a few days at a time, but we didn’t want to take the chance that our guests would arrive and that we couldn’t just “throw a switch” to make sure the pool was heated to an adequate temperature.

So, we use 100% reliable electric pool heaters instead.

How many hotels do you see using Solar heaters?

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