Should I take my children out of school to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida?

If your children are age 8 or younger, you’ll benefit greatly by taking your Orlando vacation while other kids are in school. In the lower grades, you’ll not usually have any objection from teachers when you say little Johnny and Jill will be missing school for a few days – and your kids can easily pick up the slack when they return to school. And, your kids will be forever grateful for missing school!

We have a child in middle school so I understand your problem. At higher school grade levels, it’s not easy to play hooky for a trip to Orlando, but it’s not entirely impossible, either. Ultimately, the parents and teachers know best whether or not this is a good idea. If your child is a good student, you can ask the teacher if he or she has any objection to your child’s absence. Often a teacher can adjust the student’s homework and make specific recommendations for dates when your child’s absence will have the least impact on class work.

Many of us have no choice but to take vacations during school breaks. If you must visit during summer vacation, try the very end of August when crowds are typically smaller. Be aware, though, of the earlier park closings that kick in near the end of August and early September.

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