What are the best days of the week to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando Florida?

Summary: Certain days of the week are better than others to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.  This article tells you which days of the week are best.

Local Florida residents generally visit the Magic Kingdom on weekends and most out-of-state tourists visit early in the week. As a result, the best day of the week for you to visit the Magic Kingdom is Thursday. If you can, avoid the Magic Kingdom on Mondays, Saturdays & Sundays, which are typically the busiest days of the week.

“Extra Magic Hour” is Disney’s name for the weekday mornings on which guests at the Disney Resorts are allowed to enter certain parks an hour earlier than non-resort guests. You’ll want to avoid parks on these “Early Admission” mornings since no matter how early arrive, you’ll discover that the Disney Resort guests are already lined up for the top attractions. On early admission days, these parks generally remain busy for most of the day since most guests don’t leave one park mid-day to go to another park.

Epcot’s early admission morning for resort guests is Wednesday. It’s best to avoid Epcot on Wednesdays.

Disney-MGM Studio’s early admission mornings for resort guests are Tuesday & Saturday. Avoid Disney-MGM on those days.

Animal Kingdom’s early admission mornings for resort guests are Monday & Friday. Avoid Animal Kingdom on those days.

Guests staying at Universal Studios hotels are allowed early park admission on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from June through August. Universal’s program allows a half hour early admission to the most popular rides, only.

If you must visit during a busy time of year, there are a few tricks that can allow you to enjoy many attractions with a shorter wait.

If the park is open late, go in the late afternoon. Most tourists rush the gates early in the morning as soon as the parks open. As a result, many families, especially those with little kids, are all Disneyed-out by late afternoon. These families leave the parks in search of naps and an affordable dinner. So, go to the parks as these families are leaving. The crowds generally become thinner in the late afternoon into evening. Also, you’ll be much more comfortable standing in lines once the heat of day has passed and after the sun has gone down. On some summer nights, the Magic Kingdom is open as late as 11:00 p.m. Be sure to check the schedule to make sure the park doesn’t close early on the night you plan to visit.

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