What are the differences in Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Over nine million people annually choose to holiday on a cruise. This explosive growth has fueled a wide range of options in the cruise line industry allowing an individual or family to find a cruise to fit just any desire. Among other things cruises may vary by the activities and entertainment offered onboard, the food served, the length of the cruise, the itinerary, whether they are geared for singles or families and, of course, the price for the voyage.

When first planning a cruise think about the objective of the trip. Do you have a specific destination in mind? Are you looking for a cruise with multiple ports of call? In the mood for sunny climes or would you prefer an Alaskan cruise? How long can you be gone? What about a cruise geared toward learning a new skill or sport? There are spa specific cruises for those who want to be pampered and small ship cruises for people who to rough it.

The Bahamas and Baja Mexico make good choices for short cruises. Canada and some Caribbean locations offer four and five day cruises. Alaska and Hawaii generally require seven days or more. Trips through the Panama Canal, South America and Europe are also journeys of at least seven days. Remember to consider the time of year when choosing a destination. Locations in Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean are generally served year round while other locales may have service only during specific periods.

Travellers looking for cruises geared toward children should always check out Disney Cruise Lines. Disney cruises can also be combined with theme park vacation packages. Carnival and Royal Caribbean are also excellent family choices. Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean have wide varieties of recreation and sports facilities. Many older cruise enthusiasts find their needs well met by the Holland America Line. Upscale tastes are well served by Crystal Cruise Lines voted World’s Best by both Conde Nast and Travel + Leisure. Cruises combined with golf vacations are also a Crystal staple. The Crystal Creative Learning Institute provides opportunities for personal growth while still enjoying all the amenities for which the cruise line is famous.

Cruisers looking for a bargain may find the best prices in December before Christmas. January, May, September, October and November can also yield discount cruises. Almost all cruise prices include cabins, food, entertainment, basic beverages and many onboard activities. Tips, alcoholic drinks, gambling, port activities and insurance are not included in the cruise package. Be sure to check cruise specific literature for a description of covered charges. A large variable in cruise price is cabin choice. Before opting for the least expensive cabin available remember that it will be your home for the whole trip and may govern your entire memory of your vacation. Destination and length of stay are also factors in determining price.

No matter what kind of vacation you seek, single or family, active or more leisurely paced, inexpensive or luxurious there is probably a cruise out there to fill your need.

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