What should I know about the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Disney World has done a wonderful job of constructing magical icons that represent each of their theme parks. I mean, you can’t think of the Magic Kingdom without visualizing fireworks spraying spectacularly over Cinderella’s Castle. The silver dome that is known as Spaceship Earth basically is Epcot. So when Disney set out to build their newest theme park, Animal Kingdom, they knew they had to rise to the occasion.

So they installed The Tree of Life.

Nothing short of spectacular, this “tree” (it is, in fact, neither a tree, nor is it alive) took thousands of workers a year and-a-half to build. This 150 foot wide, 14 story tall behemoth’s branches, which span over 165 feet across, have over 100,000 leaves attached. To make it more like a tree, it was even constructed with expansion joints which allow it to sway in the wind! To see The Tree of Life from a distance is truly awe inspiring. But its artistic beauty can only be appreciated when one gets up close and personal.

Into the roots, trunk, and branches of this mammoth sculpture, 20 artists have carved a total of 320 animals – many of which are endangered species. You could spend hours just admiring the artistry and craftsmanship. Don’t miss it!

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