What should I pack when I visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida?

Summary: Some things cost a fortune at Walt Disney World so you may want to pack them before you go on vacation.

As with any vacation, you want your trip to Disney World and your time spent there to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, preparation is key. Certain items are helpful to have, but others are simply indispensable. Many of these items you can probably pick up once you’re at the theme parks, you’ll probably pay top dollar – money which could be better spent on non-Disney theme parks, an extra dinner out, or on some of the fabulous outlet shopping available. With this in mind, below is a handy checklist of items that are either incredibly handy, too expensive to purchase at the parks, or flat out necessities.

o backpacks or waist packs

o extra batteries and chargers

o cell phones and chargers

o camera and film or extra storage if you’re shooting digital

o underwater disposable cameras for water parks

o portable CD player

o video camera and storage

o 2-way radios

o a good “vacation” read

o first aid kit (band-aids, anti-septic wipes, eye wash, antiseptic wipes, diarrhoea relief)

o any prescription medication you take and a copy of your prescription

o glasses, contact lenses (plus solutions), and a copy of your prescription

o guide book

o snack foods

o blister care for overworked feet (moleskin is good, but Band-Aid Compeed are the best)

o pre-printed address labels for sending postcards and stamps

o brimmed hats

o laundry detergent

o moisturising lotion

o nail clippers and file

o needle, thread, and safety pins

o rain gear

o two pairs of comfortable footwear plus water/beach shoes

o sunglasses (for you and the kids)

o swimsuits

o park and travel tickets

o hotel reservation confirmation numbers

o antibacterial hand and surface wipes

o tissues

o activities for the kids in transit and in down time

o personal care items

o small roll of toilet paper and paper towels to carry with you

***And you simply cannot live without ZipLock bags. Forget the ones with the zipper you pull on, they can fail at the worst possible time. Just get the regular kind that you smoosh together. You can keep your wet stuff from your dry stuff; you can keep snacks in them, medications, trash, first aid supplies – and you can see what’s in them! Seriously, they’re a life-saver.

Of course, you don’t want to leave home without your Driver’s License, tickets for the parks and transportation, cash, credit cards, and traveler’s checks, and your Disney Club.

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