Where can I find cheap plane tickets and airline travel deals?


You may not know that Travelocity and Expedia search only their own limited databases for fares and travel and the Travelocity / Expedia proprietary database lacks the cheap airfares offered by many smaller and regional carriers.

www.Sidestep.com and www.BookingBuddy.com are two independent sites which perform a real-time parse of various airline and travel web sites to provide more varied results from a greater number of airlines.

I’ve found www.Sidestep.com especially useful for finding low fares on smaller regional airlines like ATA, Airtran, Midwest, Spirit, and other airlines that aren’t included in the database used by Travelocity/Expedia cartel.

Recently, I’ve seen some of the cheapest Airfares to Ft. Myers offered from the regional carrier www.USA3000.com

I just did a quick check for Detroit to Ft. Meyers and found USA3000 fares at about $69 each way.

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