Where can I find Disney Photo Spots to take Digital Pictures?

You’ve probably been planning you’re trip to Disney World months – maybe even for a year now. You’ve researched everything and tailor-made your trip for you and you family: the hotel with theme rooms for the kids, when to hit the rides for the shortest lines, where and when to eat for the best and/or least expensive meals. With all of your planning, you’ll likely want to be taking home some things to remember your trip by. Sure, personalized Mickey Mouse ears are de rigueur, and souvenir place mats are kind of cool, but while you’ll see them again and again (perhaps on the floor or the bottom of a toy box), the best memories are likely to be the photos you snapped yourself.

Being your own photographer allows you to track the “inside” memories: those little things that made you and your family crack up again and again. Wasn’t it funny when your four-year-old got so excited to see Mickey that he ran and lunged at him and knocked the poor guy in the mouse suit down? Or how about the time dad got tangled up in the shower curtain and came stomping out of the bathroom like the swamp thing. I’ll bet you won’t find that on any Disney postcard. And it’s certainly worth a little more than a set of monogrammed ears.

But all of these things don’t mean anything if you’re going to spend your entire vacation with a camera stuck to your face. What fun is that? Besides, quirky, fun photos are great, but you don’t want to leave out the reason you came: DISNEY!!! Disney Maps come marked with what are noted as “Kodak Photo Spots,” and are also all marked throughout the parks with signs. These specially designed scenic “photo ops” which are wonderfully scenic and offer beautiful backgrounds ensuring that you and your family go home with all of the best parts of Disney captured on film.

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