Where do I find Walt Disney World Collector’s Pins?

Most people, young and old, collect things. These collections can be anything, and often they are tailored to circumstance. For instance, if you vacation yearly at the beach you might gather sea shells or beach glass. If you own a particular antique automobile you might seek out miniatures of said car. Disney trips are no different. Sure, you’ll take pictures of your kids on rides or with characters, or gather up placemats from the restaurants where you dine. You can even save your ticket stubs. But there’s one type of item at Disney World that are truly collectable: they frequently come out in limited editions in all sorts of different mediums: enamels, flocked, sliders, light-up, epoxy, die cast, dangle, cloisonné, and the list goes. They’re Disney Pins and are coveted by collectors world wide and trading has become a pursuit unto itself.

So where do you find, buy, and trade Disney Pins once you’re in the Magic Kingdom?

For between $6.50 and $8.50 you can purchase at gift shops throughout the park. There are limits on limited editions pins, such as commemorative pins for Disney anniversaries or millennium pins. In the case of special edition pins you are limited to two of each per day. If you’d like to trade your pin simply find a Cast Member sporting a pink trading lanyard, check out which pins that Cast Member has to offer, and make your trade right then and there! To make it easy, Cast Members must display only the pins they have for trade. To make the experience extra fun for kids, some Cast Members wear green lanyards. These are “kids only” traders.

Certainly, and I can’t emphasize this enough, if you love to trade and find that trading pins is a fabulous addition to you vacation, Bravo! But if you’re only going at it because it’s what people do there, or you hate pins, or it’s just not you’re thing, then enjoy the rides, or the shopping, or the food, or the monorail. Remember, this is your vacation.

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