Where is Walt Disney World Located? Is Walt Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida?

Most people believe that Disney World theme parks are located in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, for many who book their hotels there hoping to be close by, they’ll find that the Disney theme parks are actually located in the town of Kissimmee, which lies about 20 miles southwest of Orlando. So when checking out lodging, the lower prices of Orlando might seem like a great deal, but the 20 miles of congested freeway traffic and the frustration and annoyance that goes with it might make it more trouble than it’s worth.

Think about it: after surviving the trip with the kids all the way to Florida (“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?), do you really want to spend a half and hour or more every morning listening to the same thing?

When choosing your “home away from home” for your Disney vacation, consider a real “home.” Beautiful vacation rentals (such as those at www.mickeytown.com) are right in Kissimmee – a mere five minutes from the Main Gates of the Magic Kingdom and offer you a place of your own to really kick back and unwind each day. Complete with heated pools, themed kids’ rooms, and master suites you won’t have to share space with your kids or leave them to their own devices in a room of their own. Plus you’ll saving money by serving up some of your own meals during your stay. Some of the rentals have two master suites, so if you and another family like to vacation together you might actually save some money along with your sanity.

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