Would it be a good idea to buy a Vacation Rental Home that sleeps 30 people?

From: blarson01 > We’re thinking about buying a VR that would sleep a large number of people (around 30) to use as a multi-generational getaway.

You may want to confirm that VR’s this large are legal in your area. In our Orlando market, VR’s are allowed only a maximum capacity of up to 16 depending on how many bedrooms in the VR. Also, I’d be more inclined to go for two side-by-side VR’s that sleep 15 each because then, if you’re unable to secure a group of 30, you can still accommodate a two separate smaller groups. Also, while some families profess “togetherness,” in reality, they’re more likely to vacation with cousin Bob if he’s staying in the house next door instead of in the same house. We rent side-by-side vacation rental homes and it seems the bigger groups have a more difficult time getting their plan together because the family member’s vacations don’t necessarily align and some folks tend to drop out when it becomes time to pay. Good luck with whichever choice you make. Chuck Eglinton www.Mickeytown.com

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